Number 4: Time to get some pistols and a doctor on site.

Well if this doesn’t fit how I’m feeling today.  I’ve had a busy week and that may be contributing to my mood.  Last night I started grading January, English Common Core, regents exams.  It’s mind numbing.  MIND NUMBING.  I spent from 5-9pm reading essays about whether or not the US should eliminate Daylight Savings Time.  You grade one school, one group/class at a time.  If the teacher is good, every single essay sounds exactly the same.  They are written exactly the same. I get it.  You are giving your students tools to succeed, but HOT DAMN.  Mind.  Numbing.

Anyways, back to how I’m feeling.  I got home late, obviously.  I took a much needed shower, and relaxed for a few minutes (and waited for my Chinese food delivery – cut me some slack…it was late and I haven’t grocery shopped), and eventually got into bed around midnight, which is pretty standard for me.

This morning I am feeling feisty.  On top of doing my hair and wearing mascara, I’ve been trying to wear “nice”/”work” clothes every day.  This morning, I had worked through the typical 3/5 shirts that I like right now and couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear.  My eyes were blurry with sleep and then I had to get up and straighten my hair.  My hair was more difficult to straighten today because I fell asleep with it wet so it set curly.  I wanted to spare my hair the extra heat treatment from blow drying it (or I was just lazy).  Either way, I definitely started to resent this whole getting up early, straightening my hair and wearing makeup.

Is this little experiment over yet?

Update on today…

I received several comments that I looked nice today.  Here’s a brief description of what I’m wearing.  Black converse.  Black leggings, rolled up slightly.  And a black Harry Potter t-shirt.  A “Hogwarts Hufflepuff Seeker” t-shirt.  With a badger on it.

What?  This is the outfit that makes me look good?  This one?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it!  This is my look.  I live in leggings and t-shirts so if that’s what y’all think I look good in, bring on the compliments!

Many people even said, “I don’t know what it is today, but you look great! Maybe it’s the hair?”  Maybe it was, but my hair has been straight all week, so unlikely.

Whatever the reason; slimming all black, straight hair, of the confident walk of a nerd in her element, today I got a lot of compliments.  They left me feeling slightly confused, but overall feeling ok.

One more day of straight hair and makeup.  Next week I’ve decided to continue the chronicle (there were after all, 10 duel commandments) and see if the reaction is any different when my hair is fully curly.


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