Number 6: Leave a note for your next of kin…

Curly hair, don’t care.  That’s a lie.  I’m interested to hear reactions today.  In many ways, for me, wearing my hair curly is much riskier than wearing it straight.  My hair is unpredictable when I wear it curly.  Will it come out correct?  Will it frizz out and look like a mane to rival that of Albert Einstein?  It also takes a little longer to do in the morning, I wash my hair, put some curl defining product in it, and then blow dry it with a diffuser.  If it doesn’t work, it’s too late for me to rectify the problem before I have to leave for work.  I think it turned out ok though.

First comment of the day was from a co-worker who walked into my room for our typical pre-work chat.

“Oh!  I LOVE your hair like that!!!  It looks so great!”

Thanks 🙂

“I like your hair like that!” – co-worker

“I was just gonna say that.  I just looked up and noticed your hair is curlier than normal.” – co-worker…probably a sympathy compliment as the other two people in the room have complimented my hair and she’s just sitting there.

Some more post lunch comments:

“Is that your natural hair?  It looks so good!  You should let it be curly like this every day!  Did you put product in it?” – co-worker

“Your hair is getting so long!  I like it!” – co-worker

And my “favorite” comment of the day goes to the person who said this…

“You know, maybe your student had a behavioral issue today because he didn’t like that you wore your hair curly.”


 Image result for palm to face gif

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